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Nothing is quite as calming as an all-white bedroom. Airy, and spa like, these rooms are for relaxation and comfort as a well-designed bedroom should. Designing a space using  such a limited palette can be challenging, but follow advice below and you'll be on your way to having your own heavenly bedroom and sleeping in a cloud in no time.

1: Textures

It is Extremely important to use a different of textures in a white bedroom. Tactile faux furs, wall paper, fluffy pillows and blankets all in shades of white add dimension and interest which may. Use all of the available surfaces from wall to to the floor like a deep piled carpet as opportunities to add of textural intrigue.

2: Forms

Every part  in your bedroom design should somehow stand out through its texture, shape, or function. Select interesting piece of art  to break up plain walls and use task lighting to show unusual details or lines in the bedroom make each component of your design stand out. Designer chairs and lamps are the perfect.

3:  Shades

There are many shades of white white, use these tones to highlight different parts of your bedroom. Add a sheepskin throw to a crisp white bedding in a room with a stone a white Wardrobe it will still feel airy and light while adding depth and complexity to the look. Try using shutters control the amount of light in to your room and create great shadows and shades on the walls

4: Bling

Chrome, bronze, and pewter components will add sparkle and glamour to your bedroom. Use these finishes in the light fitting, photo frames, and  accessories. Consider crystal wardrobe handles as they will reflect light and brighten the overall space. Full length mirrors are also make a dramatic statement to really throw the light round the room.

5: Accessorize

Once your white elements are set, layer in decorative accessories like you would in any other space to add a small dash of color. Buy a  piece of  art to fill an empty space on a wall. A collection of books on your bedside, meaningful objects, and photos belong in any personal space.

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