Thursday, 22 January 2015

Creating Every girl’s dream Walk-in Wardrobe


Creating Every girl’s dream Walk-in Wardrobe


“I like my money where I can see it — hanging in my closet.” Carrie Bradshaw

Every girls dream is to have a really big closet like Carrie Bradshaw some where to show off all your clothing. Being creative you too can have your own walk-in-wardrobe;
1.Thrift shop, Buy a bookcase these are the perfect size for showing your shoes off. If it is not the right wood or colour then paint it

2.Lighting, Buy self adhesive led strip lights and stick them to the underside of the shelves and make your shoe collection shine!

3. Angle the shelving,  It keeps the shoe display to a minimum depth saving space and it is great way see everything A small lip at the front will stop the shoes sliding off.

4. Organize,  Organize your new closet. Based on the shoe type—boots, wedges, flats, and heels—and color-coding them. This makes them easily identifiable and look great on show. Clothing should be colour coded and all on the same type of hangers. 

5. Keep boots on the bottom because of their height. Hanging them with boot tree keeps their shape.

6. Use shoe trees.  Buy cedar wood trees the absorbent wood absorbs perspiration from the lining of the shoe, keeping it from cracking while helping to reduce the creasing.

7.Wardrobes. Walk-in-wardrobes need detail and there is plenty of detail to be found on old Antique wardrobes. Take the doors off these are not needed and paint the outside. Inside i prefer the dark wood to be seen but paint it a different colour or even paper it. Don't follow the trend colors,  mix it up! Take a risk mix unusual colors with bold patterns.

8. Different shelf heights. To accommodate as many shoes as possible adjust the spacing of the shelves. Base them on the height of your shoes rather than having them all evenly spaced out. Leave the top shelf for your hand bags these need a place too. Use pillows inside them to keep them looking great when on display.

9.Hanging . Make sure all your coat hangers the same. All your clothing is on show now and the key is organization and uniformity. 

10.Center stage. If you have any space for a deep buttoned ottoman these make great center pieces, or if not a get a deep pile rug. Texture lighting and colour is very important in these rooms.

11.Mirrors. Don't forget to leave space for a large mirror. Making the dressing room look bigger and lighter as well as some where for that  "selfie" photo.

Try to create a space, peace, beauty and glamour.

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