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Benefits Of Fitted Wardrobes

The Benefits Of Fitted Wardrobes

Homes built before the 1980’s tend to be lacking when it comes to closets and other storage areas. This can be a troublesome situation if you happen to have a good amount of clothes. Storage is important especially if you want to remain organized and able to find specific pieces when you need them. Unless you’re willing to turn a spare bedroom into a makeshift closet you have another option. You can have on of many different custom fitted wardrobes made for your bedroom. This custom piece of furniture is large enough to hold all of your clothing and accessories with ease.
The size of your wardrobe will depend completely on how much needs to be housed inside of it. Your wardrobe can either be freestanding or it can be built in. Built in fitted wardrobes usually stretches across from one wall to the opposite and include either sliding doors or swinging doors. A built in wardrobe has many benefits. When it is built in you will be able to view it as a part of the room and it will retreat back into the wall instead of feeling like it is encroaching in on your space. You can decide on how it will look finished. A well designed set of doors can be attractive and enhance your décor.
Most freestanding wardrobes can’t be customized to suit your needs. You will have to make do with the features that automatically come with the unit. So, if you actually need more shelves or drawers you may be out of luck and still need to resort to other forms of storage. In this way buying a freestanding wardrobe may not be a good decision. If you have specific storage needs you will benefit from having a fitted wardrobe created or build it yourself.
When you have a fitted wardrobe installed in your home you can completely customize it so that all of your needs are addressed. If you want to have a certain style of organization included you can have it incorporated as its being built. This will allow you to make sure that you have enough drawers and shelves in addition to hanging rods. If you have a large collection of shoes you will be able to get all of the shoe storage you need. If you happen to have a lot of purses or hats you can make sure there are perfectly sized cubby holes that can be adjusted as your needs change.
If you live in an older home that is without closets than installing fitted bedroom wardrobes is a necessity so that you can have a place to keep clothing in good working order. If you live in an older home with very small closets you will also benefit from a built in wardrobe and still have a place to keep your out of season clothes. When you store your out of season clothes in another location you will have more room in your main wardrobe for the clothes you’re wearing at that time. This will allow you to better see what you have and make deciding on what to wear easier. It will also make the task of changing locations easier when it’s time to change seasons.
When faced with small or non-existent closet spaces the problem of insufficient storage will be a thing of the past if you install bedroom fitted wardrobes in your bedrooms. You will no longer have to pull storage tubs out of another room to find your seasonal clothing items. You won’t have to have a shoe rack on the back of your bedroom door or storage under your bed to hide all of your clothing. Your bedroom will be clutter free and you’ll be better organized so that you can find the exact outfit you want to wear with little to no trouble.

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